Managed Services is the service where the management and maintenance of your Oracle environment is transferred to The DOC. We monitor your Oracle environment 24 x 7 in combination with Application Support in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The service activities of The DOC are standardized into and are grouped into Service Blocks:

Managed Services

Monitoring & Maintenance
In addition to the continuous monitoring and maintenance of your systems, our service desk is available during office hours for questions, technical advice and support.

Managed Services

24 × 7 Control & Repair
With our 24 × 7 Control & Repair service, critical monitoring alerts inform our stand-by teams, so that proactive actions are immediately taken to ensure and maintain the uptime of your essential IT-systems.

Managed Services

Service Packs
Based on the selected package, fixed hours are included in your SLA agreement for the recurring activities related to the management and maintenance of your systems.

Why Maintenance?

In addition to daily monitoring, maintenance work is carried out to reduce the chance of downtime and to limit the risks.

This is customized for each client environment, depending on the database environments. An optimal balance will be sought between maintenance costs and revenue & reliability.

Cost efficient



Knowledge assurance

Focus on core business


In order to provide you with the best possible advice regarding the correct implementation of your SLA service, we work on the basis of the onboarding process below.

In the initial phase your wishes will be inventoried with regard to the environment, scope and desired service level in order to arrive at a first calculation. In addition, a technical Quick Scan of the environment takes place.

All information is ultimately translated into a suitable customized proposal consisting of a fixed subscription part for monitoring & support and further agreements on the settlement of additional work (credits or subsequent calculation).

When the SLA service is operational, a periodic review takes place in the context of continuous optimization to ensure that your SLA remains optimally aligned with the needs of your organization.

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