Good, Cheap, Fast: pick all three!

Digitalization is on the agenda of many organizations because it positively influences operating results. It appears to be all more difficult to actually transform the service barriers to the next level. Clients and employees increasingly expect digital services at any time and any place. The higher demands requires increasingly in parallel higher availability in more (global) zones. Digital transformation will push considerably improvements of user experience and user interaction which is irreversible and requires a continuous improvement of digital services.

IT departments have too often little- room and time to focus on digital innovations and still spent a large part of their time on lights on services on (dated) technology.

As a result the saying “We deliver three kinds of services; Good, Fast & Cheap: you can only pick two” is apparent an old school statement.

IT departments will have to become more flexible to the business, because the gaps in their own IT landscape are increasingly filled with shadow IT solutions, unfortunately without the IT department being involved and with lots of consequences afterwards.

That’s the value to deliver accessible, robust and high pace services. Preferably cloud services with a digital transformation focus combined with a low-code software development platform.

As a result the saying “We deliver three kinds of services; Good, Cheap & Fast: pick all three!” fits perfectly into the new digital age.

The proof to provide Good, Cheap & Fast as three integrated values is as simple as effective:

GoodOracle APEX can be used to build a wide variety of apps for any industry – from the simplest app to mission-critical apps which are used daily by tens of thousands of users.

Cheap : This is perhaps the best kept secret: Oracle Application Express is a free component of an Oracle database license. And easy to use in Oracle cloud as a PaaS solution. No hidden costs. No double bottom.

Fast : Low-code development platforms give organizations the speed, collaboration, and control they need to solve problems and enable business and IT alignment. First application can be built very quickly to live up precisely to the requirements.

Do you want to pick instantly “Good, Cheap & Fast”? Are you ready to pick the triple integrated values? Please let me know!

Jos Hoogers

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