About us

‘All about where IT makes sense’. The DOC in one sentence. We find and create innovative, customer focused IT-solutions. The DOC makes the difference:

– The DOC has a market focus
– The DOC is a technology frontrunner and innovator
– The DOC is a trusted advisor for her customers
– The DOC delivers operational continuity and ensures availability of applications and infrastructure

Innovation and reliability are important words. That’s why customers choose to collaborate with The DOC. A choice for The DOC also includes collaboration with specialists, a pragmatic way of working and operating within a well-balanced team.

The DOC is proud, proud on our team, our quality, and our customers!
Meet The DOC: ‘All about where IT makes sense’.

Mission :

“The DOC is all about ORACLE!”

That is how The DOC can be summarized in a few words. A valued trusted advisor for our customer, fully specialized in Oracle® technology with an extensive package of services and applications, focused to support our customers in achieving their business goals.

The DOC provides these services with the enthusiasm and passion that goes with people who really understand their profession. People who are proud on the quality they deliver. People who are in the top-class of the profession they are in. People who say what they will do and do what they are saying. People that are able to provide added value. People who are carved from an exclusive wood; the wood of a craftsman who is only satisfied when our customer is helped. Meet our People!

Vision :

The DOC is capable to breng companies forward, help them through busy times. Working from the base principle to fully relieve the customer from possible business ‘burdens’. We distinguish by delivering specialists who, based on passion, craftsmanship and flexibility, provide the best possible solution for our customers. To meet that goal we will, next to our regular services, have to be innovative, be cutting-edge and invest in the newest technologies.

We are thé Full Stack Oracle Service Provider, from hardware to applications and from maintenance to (turnkey) projecten, by providing on-site and 24×7 remote services, including delivering complete solutions.

We are not aiming to be the biggest, but sure to be the best!